PulPaper Conference 31st May 2018

Transformation driven by digitalization and changing customer habits

Towards new fibre products: nanocellulose & textiles


Chair: Alina Ruonala-Lindgren, Manager, Innovation, Finnish Forest Industries Federation

9:30 How will digitalization and new technology affect business models, production,
Rolf Ask Clausen, Partner, Copenhagen Institute of Future Studies

9:55 Impact of digitalization for the forest industry
Petri Vasara, Global Practice Head, Biofutures, Pöyry

10:20 Customer view on changing landscape in media
Santtu Elsinen, Senior Vice President, Chief Digital Officer, Alma Media

10:40 Customer view on changing landscape in packaging
Kristina Enqvist, Packaging Development Director, Lumene

Chair: Ali Harlin, Professor, VTT

9:30 Continuous processing of nanocellulose into coatings
Martti Toivakka, Professor, Åbo Akademi

9:55 Phosphorylated cellulose nanofiber: Preparation and its applications
Yuichi Noguchi, Assistant Researcher, CNF R&D Center, Innovation Promotion Division, Oji Holdings Corporation

10:20 High-quality man-made cellulose fibers from textile and paper wastes
Herbert Sixta, Professor, Aalto University

10:40 Stora Enso´s view on sustainable textile business
Sirpa Välimaa, Technical Customer Manager, Stora Enso Biomaterials

Industrial applications of digitalization


Chair: Pekka Sivonen, Head of Digitalization, Business Finland

Renewable solutions to replace fossil-based materials

Chair: Orlando Rojas, Professor, Aalto University

11:30 Digital Fiber – developing digital forest industry
Janne Öhman, CEO, Siemens Finland

11:55 Pulp and Paper industry – leader or lagger in grasping data-driven opportunities
Satu Kiiskinen, Executive Vice President, Industrial and Consumer Services, Tieto

12:15 Intelligence in maintenance operations
Veijo Pitkäniemi, Development Director, Efora

12:35 Yesterday – Today – METRIS, Digitalization as success factor in P&P
Gerhard Schiefer, Vice President, Automation, Andritz

11:30 Material innovations from cellulose
Åsa Ek, CEO, Cellutech

11:55 Update on bioblastics development
Jarmo Ropponen, Senior Scientist, Team Leader, VTT

12:15 Sulapac®- a wood based sustainable solution to replace plastic
Suvi Haimi, CEO, Sulapac

12:35 How lignin extraction and dissolving pulping are changing – look into both the technology and market needs
Rickard Andersson, Vice President, Wood and Pulp Handling, Valmet

Rolf Ask Clausen

Petri Vasara

Satu Kiiskinen

Veijo Pitkäniemi

Gerhard Shiefer

Martti Toivakka

Herbert Sixta

Yuichi Noguchi

Åsa Ek

Suvi Haimi