PulPaper Conference 30th May 2018

Conference Opening

Chair: Riikka Joukio, Vice Chairman of the Board, Forest Products Engineers

9:30 Chairperson´s opening remarks

9:35 KEYNOTE: Be ready for new opportunities – nanotechnology will revolutionize industry and society
Maria Strømme, Professor of Nanotechnology, Uppsala University

10:05 KEYNOTE: Äänekoski bioproduct mill and moving towards integrated biorefineries
Ilkka Hämälä, CEO, Metsä Fibre

10:35 Start-up pitching competition

Chair: Helleke Heikkinen, Dealflow Manager, FiBAN

10 start-ups will pitch their products and solutions. Best pitches will go to final that is held in the afternoon at Future Square!


Ilkka Hämälä


Maria Strømme

Business opportunities from circular

Chair: Kirsi Seppäläinen, Vice President, Strategic Projects, Stora Enso Biomaterials

Breakthrough technologies to renew the

Chair: Jyrki Ovaska, CTO, UPM

13:30 Finland´s roadmap on circular economy
Mari Pantsar, Director, SITRA

13:55 Data – the new oil, Water – the new gold!
David Martin, Vice President, Marketing, Ecolab & Petri Ristola, Marketing Director, Nalco Water

14:20 Business case: Predictive analytics for pulp and paper industry wastewater treatment
Heikki Hannukainen, CEO, Toihan

14:40 Business case: Closing nutrient and carbon loops – Utilizing industrial side streams as fertilizers and soil improvement materials in agriculture
Juuso Joona, Agronomist, Soilfood

15:00 Coffee break & networking

13:30 New developments in Sweden – Treesearch
Daniel Söderberg, Director, Treesearch, Wallenberg Wood Science Center

13:55 Can a magic powder revolutionize pulp bleaching?
Tapani Vuorinen, Professor, Aalto University

14:20 Pulping with Deep Eutetic Solvents – huge progress and still a lot to do
Heiner Grussenmeyer, Director, R&D, Stora Enso

14:40 Business case: Renewable biofuels as fast track in reducing transport emissions
Sari Mannonen, Vice President, UPM Biofuels

15:00 Coffee break & networking

Managing forest biomass usage and climate change

Chair: Antti Arasto, Research Manager, Project Manager, VTT

Developing new biorefinery concepts


Chair: Niklas von Weymarn, Vice President, Research, Metsä Fibre

15:30 The regulatory frame for the use of forest resources in Europe – status quo and outlook
Bernhard Wolfslehner, Head of Office, Central-East and South-East European Regional Office, European Forest Institute

15:55 Biomass availability and climate change politics in Nordics
Johan Sonesson, Researcher, Skogforsk

16:20 Ways to increase biomass availability in Finland
Antti Asikainen, Professor, Natural Resources Institute Finland

16:40 Utility Company as a producer of bio-oil and user of biomass based fuels
Kasperi Karhapää, Head of pyrolysis and business development, Fortum Heat Finland and the Baltics

15:30 Toward further refining of the biorefinery concept
Lew P. Christopher, Professor, Lakehead University

15:55 Business case: The Borregaard Biorefinery: Past, present, future
Gisle Løhre Johansen, Senior Vice President, R&D and Business Development, Borregaard

16:20 Business case: Novel biorefinery concept for Northeast Finland
Olli Dahl, Professor, Aalto University

16:40 Business case: Sustainable and cost efficient bioethanol production from softwood biomass
Tom Granström, Senior Scientist, St1 Biofuels


Riikka Joukio

Kirsi Seppäläinen

Mari Pantsar

Heikki Hannukainen

Antti Arasto

Tapani Vuorinen

Sari Mannonen

Lew P. Christopher

Olli Dahl

Gisle Løhre Johansen